Hot and humid weather skincare: how beeswax can save your skin


Don’t sweat your skincare: how beeswax can save your skin this summer

You know the feeling- summer rolls around and suddenly your skin is a hot, sticky mess. All that humidity does a number on your complexion, leaving your face looking like an oil slick by noon. Not a good look. But don’t stress: I’ve been there! There’s a simple solution to save your skin this summer: beeswax! Yes, beeswax. As a natural humectant, beeswax helps lock moisture in the skin without clogging pores or causing greasiness- a miracle for those of us with acne-prone complexions. Plus, it creates a protective barrier to seal all that moisture in. This Summer, try my Face Moisturisers: your skin will thank you!


The challenges of caring for skin during hot and humid weather

Hot and humid weather can pose some unique challenges to your skincare routine. The heat and the moisture in the hair can make your skin feel greasy, led to clogged pores, and promote the growth of bacteria. Not to mention the sun damage that comes from all those extra hours outside in the summer sun.

Increased oil production

Your skin naturally produces more oil in warm weather to hep cool you down. But too much oil can make your face look shiny, cause breakouts, and lead to enlarged pores.

The humidity causes your pores to open up allowing more oil, bacteria and environmental pollutants to clog them up.

Bacterial Growth

Heat and moisture create the perfect growing environment for bacteria that can lead to acne and small skin infections. Using a mild cleanser that cleans your skin without stripping the beneficial natural oily barrier such as an oil- based cleansing product it’s key!

Sun damage

It’s easy to get carried away frolicking in the summer sun, but all that extra UV exposure also means your skin endures more damage. Be diligent in applying a broad-spectrum sun screen with SPF 30 or higher( I use 50+), especially on face, neck, delcollete and top of your hands.


Why beeswax is a skin saver in summer

When the temperatures rise, your skin can feel the effects. Warm and humid weather causes increased sweating, which can lead to clogged pores, irritation, and inflammation if you are not using the right skincare. This is where beeswax comes in.

Beeswax is a natural protectant that helps seal in moisture while protecting skin. It forms a light, breathable barrier on the skin that locks in hydration and keeps environmental irritants out.

This means that beeswax-based skincare products can hydrate your skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Your skin will feel soothed and fresh rather than slick. I know, now you’re thinking:” What about the super trendy glass skin effect? “. There’s actually a youtube video from a make up artist from San Francisco where she uses and recommends Miele D’Oro’s Recovery Serum.

Beeswax Recovery Serum

Beeswax has also natural antiseptic properties. It helps reduce redness and inflammation, calming irritated skin. This makes it ideal for use during summer when your skin may experience increased sensitivity from sun exposure, heat, humidity. Beeswax helps create a protective cushion between your skin and the elements so you can enjoy the nice weather without discomfort.

  • Keeps your skin hydrated without feeling greasy
  • Forms a protective barrier against environmental irritants
  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Has natural antiseptic properties to soothe skin

How beeswax creates a protective and non-occlusive layer

Beeswax is Nature’s perfect protectant. Unlike petroleum-based products that can clog pores, beeswax forms a light, breathable barrier on the skin. This allows it to protect without blocking sweat and oil secretions that are vital for skin health.

As the weather warms up in the summer, your skin is working overtime to keep your body cool. The last thing it needs is a heavy face cream that prevents it from doing its job. Beeswax-based products, on the other hand, create a delicate, non-occlusive film that shields skin from environmental damage while still allowing it to function properly.

It protects without clogging

Beeswax is compatible with human skin and won’t block important biological processes like sweating. It forms a light barrier against wind and pollutants remaining permeable enough for moisture to pass through. This means your skin can continue releasing heat and sweat normally, avoiding breakouts and irritations.

It’s naturally antimicrobial

Beeswax contains natural antimicrobial compounds that hep skin clear and balanced. As it forms a protective layer on the skin, it also prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that can lead to breakouts and inflammations. This makes beeswax ideal for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

It hydrates and soothes

Beeswax is a humectant, meaning it draws the moisture into the skin. As it protects the surface, it also keeps the skin hydrated. It can also help seal in the skin’s own natural oils and moisturisers. Beeswax has also a mild anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and reduce redness. This combination of hydration and soothing makes beeswax perfect for calming sensitive, irritated skin during these summer months. Using beeswax-based skincare products, especially during warm and humid weather, allows your skin to stay protected and balanced all summer long. It’s light, non-occlusive barrier shields from environmental damage while keeping skin cool, clear, hydrated, and soothed.


Tips for layering products with beeswax for optimal hydration

Now that the warmer summer months are here, your skin might need an extra boost of hydration. Using beeswax-based products can help keep your skin nourished all summer long: here some tips for you!

Start with a mild cleanser

Wash your face with a mild cleanser to gently remove oil, dirt and impurities while hydrating skin. Miele D’oro’s Purifying Cleansing Soap Bar is a great option. Its creamy leather will leave your skin feeling soft and balanced, not tight! That “squeaky clean” feeling often means your skin is imbalanced and your cleanser has stripped the skin of its natural oils.

Apply a Facial Toner( this is optional)

During these warm months, I keep a bottle of Floral Dew Hydrating Mist in the fridge and I apply it after washing my face, before the daily moisturizer. This product is optional but, trust me, it prepares your skin to receive the moisturizer and will give you a burst of joy. It’s fresh and soothing and smells amazing!

Apply Miele D’Oro’s Face Moisturiser

Next, apply one of Miele D’Oro’s Face Moisturiser. There’s two options: a Light Formula and the Classic Rich Formula. For the Day time, in Summer, I love using the Light Formula because it has a lotion texture and it feels lighter. For the night time, I use the Rich Formula, yes, even in Summer!


Reapply Sun Protection regularly

Using natural beeswax-based products will hydrate your skin without feeling greasy, keeping your skin fresh and glowing all summer. By layering Miele D’oro’s product and reapplying sun protection, your skin will stay nourished and protected from environmental damage. Your skin will thank you!


Why choosing Miele D’Oro’s skincare products?

Miele D’Oro’s skincare products contain the purest beeswax sourced directly from my apiary. I collect beeswax every time I do an extraction of honey. This beeswax is carefully filtered to remove impurities, resulting in a wax that is safe, gentle and effective for all skin types. Even those with oily and acne-prone skin can benefit from beeswax without worrying it will clog pores or cause breakouts.

This summer, don’t let the heat and humidity get you down. Arm your skin with the natural protective power of beeswax. Let be beeswax your secret skincare weapon so you can make the most of the sunshine without sweating your skincare.



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